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Can you relate?

  • You are a high achieving working momma who’s tired of feeling split in 18 directions.
  • You want to laugh at your kids when they are hilarious instead of running around like a chicken with your head cut off.
  • You feel "messed up," like something is wrong with you.
  • You love to give, but you have gotten into the rotten habit of saying too many yeses 
  • You are very private and don't trust easily.
  • You are your own worst critic and it's showing up in a royal buttload of mom guilt & shame. 
  • You want to be an amazing role model for your kids more than anything in this world.


    Is this you?

  • A mama with lil’ babies or school aged kids running you ragged
  • An achievement-oriented lady boss or an ass-kicking 9-5'er who keeps moving up the ranks at work, but is depleted & overwhelmed
  • A perfectionist who knows something needs to change to get out of analysis paralysis
  • An anxious, over-thinker who has been in individual therapy in the past and is wondering...what 's next?

If you said "heck yeah, that's me"..

  • First of all, you are not alone, and you are not broken. I see you, and I feel your pain down to my core. 
  • Rockstars like you (and me) are so very capable of whatever we set our minds to. Look at all the hard things you are already doing as proof!
  • It is OK to want more peace of mind, more fulfillment, and more bandwidth for what matters!



The Get Present System 


The full solution to ensure that anxiety has gotten in the way of family time for the last time

The Get Present System Includes:

  •  A strategic, actionable, comprehensive 12-month program 
  • 32 video lessons showing you literally everything you need to know to supercharge your mental well-being in a simple, step-by-step framework that builds on itself
  • 24 (twice monthly) live group coaching & support sessions with yours truly. Get your questions answered live AND benefit from the experience & support of other like minded women, too! Watch the replay if you miss the live and submit your questions in advance.

Plus This AWESOME Stuff 

9 MP3 audio exercises  

  • Practice on-the-go, right from your phone, without the stress of having to remember everything I've taught!
  • Feel present and focused by including these in your daily routine

  • They include Calm Breathing, 4 Point Muscle Relaxation, Self Compassion NOW, Self Compassion THEN, Grounding, Mindfulness, Guided Imagery, Affirmations, Meditation 


Step by Step PDF fillable Implementation Workbook 

  • Deepen your learning experience and individualize your practice plan


Member's only FB group  

  • Ask questions, get community support, and catch the replay of the recorded bi-weekly live coaching sessions!


Lifetime access to the training videos, mp3 audios & implementation workbook

  • Lifetime access to program updates! 


Exclusive access to ALL live trainings during your membership

  •  plus bonus "fight or flight" educational video to help you learn about anxiety and how your body works
  • plus bonus "sleep series" for daytime and nighttime strategy to improve sleep

Limited Time Bonus Package..

When You Enroll During this Limited Time Promotion, You'll Get Special Bonuses:


Save $1670 off regular pricing (for one week only)

Once monthly personalized video feedback from yours truly when you submit your workbook for review

 Virtual twice monthly peer meet ups where you can get & give support to other GPS'ers.

 Earn rewards for moving through the program. Let us know you've hit a milestone and earn motivational prizes as you go!

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A One-Time Payment of

$2697 ($267 savings) OR 12 monthly payments of $247

*12 months program support! *lifetime access to 32 video lessons, 9 mp3 audio exercises, and workbook *24 live group coaching sessions *private members-only FB group  *peer meetings *milestone rewards *personalized monthly video workbook feedback


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What These Participants Had to Say...

What’s Inside The Get Present System


Module 1

Clarify Your Dream Life

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you – I know exactly where most busy ladies get stuck in the Get Present journey. In this class, we’re going to get super clear and focused on identifying what matters most to you. We will start setting you up for success by getting some big questions answered with the end goal of helping you achieve total clarity about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

You’re going to get on the fast track to identifying your values clearly and specifically. You are going to pinpoint the areas where your actions don’t match up with your deepest desires for the life you want. 

Finally, you’re going to map out and clearly envision living your best life. 

This is like paint by number for manifesting the best version of you! You’re welcome!!


  • Get clear on your values and priorities.  
  • Discover your most deeply held desires for your life.  
  • Relish in imagining a life you would be most proud to live. 
  • Walk away with a values roadmap and unparalleled clarity.
Module 2

Master the Simmer Down "Secret Sauce"

Every gal needs to be able to calm herself down when she is worked up. You'll walk away with the easiest, quickest, most effective strategies for calming down and focusing in a pinch.  You’ll keep these skills locked and loaded 24/7.  I promise you, this lesson will set the foundation for freedom, sista! You want to feel more in control, I know.  So, don’t miss this basic, but not to be underestimated, skill set.  

Class Highlights:

  • Ever went from 0 to 100 in .003 seconds?! Let's make this situation a memory.  Become an expert on noticing and managing your own distress.  
  • Discover the best skills to move out of panic and defense mode quick and in a hurry. Gain a feeling of control and competence using calm breathing and muscle relaxation to “get your mind right” when you need it most.

What This Participant Had to Say...

Module 3

Unleash Your Inner Love Goddess

You are your own worst enemy, and maybe you’ve had enough of it.  I mean, when the going gets tough, you rip yourself a new one, don't ya?!  Was that too crude to say?  This is the mac daddy of all lessons (too bad, hubby, I’m going to keep saying that no matter what you tell me).

What if you could be kind to yourself when you are struggling?  This class will move you from hiding under the (metaphorical or literal) covers to standing tall and moving toward what you care about, even when it’s terrifying.

The transformation in this lesson is worth the cost of the program.  Please, busy overwhelmed sista friend, do this work and reap the benefits.  Your best life is waiting for you.

Class Highlights:

  • Being nice to yourself on a hard day, say whatttttt?!

  •  Feel like a doggone psychic medium! Leave this class feeling like an expert of YOU. Become a beast at predicting your own patterns. Gotta see it to change it my friend. Insight building powerhouse inside.

  • Discover how to actually offer yourself compassion and feel what it’s like when you do.  

  • Experience the benefits of opening your heart to the badass YOU who stands before me now. A little dose of this potent medicine goes a long way!  Seeing is believing on this one.  Take your skepticism along for this mini-transformation, will ya?

What This Participant Had to Say...

Module 4

Increase Efficiency by Doing LESS

Look Momma, without sleep, nutrition, hydration, and movement, you’ll continue to struggle.  Let me show you step-by-step how to take care of YOU without it being some major hassle or schedule buster. 

Hint: You’ll learn how to do LESS on this one.  But, don’t tell your friend who refuses to delegate, or she might bail when she reads this.


  • Learn how to notice, identify, and meet your own basic needs in the day-to-day grind when stuff is hitting the fan and there is no time.

  • Discover the secret sauce required to ask for help and then drown every meal in it. ;)

  • Experience the live-giving benefits of saying yes ONLY to that which fosters your commitment to your values

  • Learn to say a resounding, unapologetic no to opportunities that are not in line with your values.  I smell FREEDOM.

Module 5

Harness Your Fun Side

It’s time to, in the words of Steven Hayes, get out of your mind and into your life.  Little kids and ridiculous hubby jokes are funny (sometimes)!  Have you been too distracted and strung out to laugh?  A warm body at the dinner table does not count. I’m talking about engaged conversation, belly laughing when someone busts a move in the kitchen, and noticing the soft breeze when you are taking out the trash.

Let me tell you busy lady, this class will transform your daily hustle from one of dread and monotony to one of curiosity and pleasant surprise.

Let me teach you how to see what is in front of you more clearly.  I love this quote, “You have to let go of the life you expected to see clearly the life that you have.” 

Class Highlights:

  • Never miss another moment that matters.
  • See your experience with a little more distance between you and your thoughts. Think Queen of Fairness.
  • Discover subtle beauty, unexpected kindness, or covert good intentions in others.
Module 6

Unlock your inner Super Hero

Everything you care about is right on the other side of a big gulp of fear.  Lucky for us, we are brave.  Yes, you.  Girl, I see you.  You are braver than you give yourself credit for.  Look how far you have come!  Even when you have been privately carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you have put on a brave face and showed up for your kids, your job, the list goes on….

Let’s get uncomfortable, together, for the purpose of creating our best life.  You are capable.  You can do hard things.


  • Master the ability to take measured risks that are in line with your values.  

What This Participant Had to Say...

Module 7

Embrace Your Deepest Desires

Leave with a clear vision of how to stop taking in the inputs that make you feel like crap. Maybe it's that toxic friendship, the slew of FB posts, the evening news, the passive aggressive insults from a colleague.  In your gut, you already know the inputs that leave you drained, fearful, and distracted.  Learn to live with intention in a way that is perfectly aligned with your values. 


  • Behave intentionality in your daily actions.
  • Feel creative, loving, safe & connected
Module 8

Experience & Bank Wins!

What a journey!  What a tool belt! Hello, Super Hero!  

You are armed with a streamlined, but comprehensive skill set to have your best year ever!


  • Feel capable & connected with your new tool belt.

  • Do the hard things that are worthwhile.

  • Care for yourself lovingly

  • Live & Love BIG

  • Feel proud & remember, everything is an experiment.  Come back to the “drawing board” as needed.  You have lifelong access for a reason!

  • Celebrate how far you have come!

What This Participant Had to Say...

I'm in it with you!

And, we all know that cute pictures (like this one) LIE! Life ain't a cake walk... 

Hey New Friend!!!


I'm Sumer with one M, but pronounced like the season ;) Can you tell I've had to explain that a few times in life? 


I'm a Cajun through and through, and I'll never forget the time I was chased by a gator at my dad's camp! Yes, I've been froggin' and duck huntin' on the bayou.


Glitter and rainbows make my heart sing, and I am amassing quite the collection of unicorn t-shirts. I love wigs, dancing, poodles, and Jesus...but honestly, I need a nap!


Let's get down to business... 


I am a perfectionist in and out of recovery, a wife, and a mom of two toddler boys.  


I am licensed Medical Psychologist.  I have spent a decade working with busy, overwhelmed women as an Anxiety Disorder Expert. Now, I'm taking the exact process I've streamlined and making it available so you can benefit from the comfort & privacy of your home.


I have been on both sides of the therapy relationship, and I know what it feels like to struggle and to thrive.  I’m in it with you, just a few steps ahead.  Let me show you the path that has helped hundreds of women, including myself!


My story


I had my first baby in 2016 at the age of 34. I was fiercely independent until that year when I got married and had a baby within a year! We had a rocky first year to say the least. I was sick as a dog during my pregnancy, and neither of us knew how to share a home, money, responsibilities…you name it! Plus, I was studying for my medical psychology licensure, like a damn lunatic!


Then, my best friend, who was pregnant at the same time, miscarried.  This “broke” me.  I remember calling my mom screaming in despair and spending the day in her bed weeping. I didn’t understand what was happening. I felt terrified, angry, alone, misunderstood, and ashamed of all those feelings. I suffered silently….I mean, “I’m a psychologist. I should be able to figure this out.”


My struggle only worsened by NOT acknowledging what was happening. I couldn’t fully see it at the time, and I was spending a lot of time blaming my partner. As my anxiety increased, my sleep suffered terribly. I wanted to run away. I dreamt of driving off into the sunset.  I yearned for a different life.


Eventually, these changes became noticeable to my mom and sister.  They told me so, thank God. 


Their concern was the beginning of a turning point. I began to say my struggles out loud with loved ones and in a therapy room.  I realized I was not alone or broken as I spoke up. Through taking good care of myself, reconnecting to my values, and having lots of support, I returned to myself.


Since, I have had another baby.  My second pregnancy and postpartum season was completely different. I was open, supported, asked for help up front, set healthy boundaries, took good care of myself, and prioritized my values.  I did ONE thing at a time – not what I “should” do, but what I needed.


I used the exact steps I’ve outlined in this program. I was able to be a more present and connected mother, wife, and business owner.  Having run a thriving private practice since 2012 as a dually licensed psychologist, I knew what worked! I’ve had hundreds of clients get results, but now I have a new depth of compassion. 


I am truly in it with you!


I am a working mother, so many days are hard (duh). But, I am confident knowing that I can care for myself in a way that keeps me moving forward and embracing the life I most deeply desire. 


THIS is what I can offer YOU.  

Enroll during this promotion & save $1670 off regular pricing!

A One-Time Payment of

$2697 ($267 savings) OR 12 monthly payments of $247

*12 months program support! *lifetime access to 32 video lessons, 9 mp3 audio exercises, and workbook *24 live group coaching sessions *private members-only FB group *peer meetings *milestone rewards *personalized monthly video workbook feedback


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Participant Reviews & Results!


"I completely trust you in this journey. It is one of the reasons I took the leap of faith and got the program. I needed this more than I thought I did and the exercises are working. I go back and listen because the more you hear and practice the more natural it becomes. Calm breathing has saved me from losing it at work on more than one occasion. LOL!! And at home, I am able to just be present where before I was trying to be 4 people at once and missing out on the most important thing, MY LIFE! I have a long way to go, but I have a path and without your program, I would not be where I am today. Please know you helped not just me, but those around me, especially my family. They see me happier, less stressed and more (well not to use your word) PRESENT in their life. I truly enjoy everything you have put out and I have jumped into it all full force. I think the program is amazing!"


"The Get Present Program is one of a kind. It will help you understand the reason for all the chaos that is stopping you from achieving your goals and being the person you were meant to be. Dr. Ledet has created a toolbox filled with strategies that take you on a journey of self-reflection and discovery. In an effort to identify your personal reason for getting present, you will have so many moments of awakening. Being able to identify what makes you tick and what moments trigger you into a downward spiral of despair will provide you a clarity you didn't know was possible. There is a reason you are the way you are. Find the tools you need to bring out your strengths, get yourself focused, and start living how you want to live. I highly recommend this program."

"I am a little different than other people in the program. I found out about you when I participated in your cell phone detox challenge last year. I am older and my kids are grown. I have never been in therapy. But, in January, February, and March before the program, I had lots of anxiety. I felt 'gloom and doom.' I wanted something to help. I loved your videos on sleep. I started with some of your supplement recommendations and got more sunshine and that helped a bunch! That was my first step. I geared the program to focus on me being less sensitive. My expectations are often so high. I wanted to be less reactive. This program helped me to really 'zone in' on what's important. Now, I use calm breathing when I am frustrated, and this has really helped me at work. I am more accepting and less resentful. I now realize that 9 times out of 10, people don't intend to upset or hurt me. I have really been better able to focus on what matters. I pray alot, but I wanted more help getting through the hard time I was having earlier this year. I don't feel the way I felt in January any more. I feel much better. I would definitely encourage others to participate in this program if they are feeling anxious, and I want to know how to refer people so they can be part of this awesome experience! I've already been telling people in my life about it. I completed all the classes and extras a few days ago. Yay! Everything was so wonderful and helpful."

"I think the class is great. It is so jam-packed with awesome advice and tools. Some of it makes so much plain sense it’s like why didn’t I think of this?! I’ve mentioned before but my favorite tools are breathing and 4 point relax. I also have been trying to zoom in and ground myself regularly. There’s so much good stuff that I will never remember it all, but I think I’m just picking out the pieces that work for me and going with it. I also like that you opened it with a story on how you got here and why you decided to do Get Present. It reminds me that you are human just like me and that you can relate to how private experiences can impact individuals.I hope you can tell that our calls are affirmation that you are impacting all of our lives in a positive way. I know it is absolutely true for me and I can just tell by the others‘ comments. I mean we all want to know WWSD. (What would Sumer Do?!)"


"I just wanted to tell you my momma heart is full of joy. I was truly able to enjoy the little things with my nephews and boys this weekend. We were goofy on the golf cart and played outside, went eat out, went to cabelas. I noticed the things that used to bother me didn’t this time!"


"For a few years, I couldn’t seem to fully recharge. This started pre/covid and increased during. I kept withdrawing from life events, and couldn’t get enough of 'staying home alone and doing nothing.' I couldn’t wait to cancel plans and skip events, even low-key family stuff. I was glad when the family had plans without me. But by about lesson 6 of the get present system, I had this realization that I had finally had enough of the withdrawing. I was shocked. I missed being with my kids and husband, and doing the 'annoying' things I had been missing out on. I longed to participate and be present in the regular, mundane events, and even the ones that seemed like a hassle. I feel like I am living again. It’s strange after years of isolation, but I’m so fulfilled and happy in these moments. Event when they’re imperfect, I’m so glad I was there to bond with my loved ones and experience life with them. Thank you for creating this and sharing with the world."


"I really enjoy the classes, especially the live group sessions because even if I do not get to review the material I can still get a briefing of what's going on and also how the others approach things.  Sometimes I feel like there is only one way to do things and then i'm like oooo that's how they interpreted that and oooo maybe I can use that and it may be better.  Death triggers my anxiety and lately I have been hearing of so many people dying that I have been using my toolbox of skills and praying a lot and doing better than I usually do, So thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate and learn."


"Being part of the get present class was so eye opening. Being able to hear things that I hadn't been able to put into words before made me realize I'm not alone in my everyday struggles. I love the way Dr. Ledet goes step-by-step helping you make a clear plan and have clear goals. It was very refreshing to be a part of a group who understand EXACTLY where you are in life! I'm a work from home mom of 3. I loved that I could listen while I did house chores!" 


"I loved your topics! It is real help for real women. I'm retired, so I'm not 'in the grind' anymore, but each lesson was easy to understand and actionable. Your passion and commitment to mental health is unmistakable. I would recommend this program to ANY woman and ANY stage of life.  This class should be a prerequisite for life! LOL!"


What Former Clients Have Said:


“Clearly, you love what you do. It shows in your compassion and desire to help others who are having difficulty.”


"I am so glad to have chosen you.” 


“You have helped me to gain control and feel better about my future.”


"Meeting people where they are is truly your gift!"


Reviews From Colleagues:


"Sumer is a warm, smart, caring psychologist. I would send my family to her!"

Dr. Katherine Morris,

Polytrauma Psychologist at the Memphis VA Medical Center


"I had the pleasure to work with Sumer at the Department of Veteran's Affairs in New Orleans, and I am familiar with her work. I would say without reservation that I would want my own family member or friend to utilize her services if they were in need. She is warm, empathic, understanding, and sensitive. She is also well educated, organized, and stays up-to-date on the latest developments in the field. She is highly ethical, thoughtful, and practices good boundaries."

Dr. Rachel Holt,

Clinical Director at the Atlanta VA Medical Center



By the end of this program,

you will have learned how…


  • To identify your values and goals clearly and specifically 

  • To soothe yourself when you feel anxious or overwhelmed

  • To offer yourself kindness on a hard day & to forego judgment and harsh self-criticism

  • To notice and meet your own basic needs more quickly

  • To notice the things you can change and let go of the things you cannot

  • To speak simply and directly about difficult and vulnerable topics

  • To say a resounding yes to the things that are aligned with your values and an assertive no to that which does not serve you

  • To get present in the moments that matter rather than staying stuck in your head and missing out

  • To notice the little things that you may have previously overlooked and to foster a sense of curiosity and gratitude

  • To take measured risks when they are in line with your values

  • To appreciate the impermanence of difficult moments and to know, wholeheartedly, that this too shall pass

  • To live intentionally in line with the best version of yourself  

  • To confidently identify what skills you need to implement in difficult moments as they unfold

Enroll during this promotion & save $1670!

A One-Time Payment

$2697 ($267 savings) OR 12 monthly payments of $247

*12 months program support! *lifetime access to 32 video lessons, 9 mp3 audio exercises, and workbook *24 live group coaching sessions *private members-only FB group *peer meetings *milestone rewards *personalized monthly video workbook feedback

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What These Participants Had to Say:

Frequently Asked Questions

For the ladies who need all the deets

Still thinking about it?

The Get Present System is PERFECT for you if…

  1. Whether it’s a super demanding day job or a house full of screaming toddlers, you’re fully aware you’re are going to need an intentional focus to TRULY live your best life; I mean, you’re a tad bit distracted.  Have you glanced down lately to be sure you remembered to put a shirt on? If so, this one might be for you!

  2. You’d prefer not to spend the rest of your life flirting with burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm.  It’s time to get focused on what matters and let go of the rest.

  3. You’re motivated to put YOU back on the list so you can remember who you are, what you love, and where you want to expend your oh-so-precious energy.

  4. You’re sick of being distracted, spread in 18 directions, and saying yes to stuff you dread.

  5. You’re done with feeling like a failure even when you are trying so hard it hurts.  The tears, the feeling invisible…it gets tiring.  A connected, present, able version of you is calling. 

  6. You know you want to feel present and connected, but don’t know how.  You need a roadmap created by someone you trust.

  7. You have already come a long way in therapy and now want to maintain and maximize gains.

  8. You refuse to miss the "best years of your life" because you are overwhelmed and distracted.
  9. You want the quickest, proven path to get present so you don't waste precious time.


The bottom line

I can't promise you that you will never suffer or that life won't throw you a sh*t storm or two.  What I can offer is a way to avoid throwing fuel on the fire when things are tough. I can show you how to be in tough times and still move toward the life you care about.  

I’ve been blessed and honored to teach hundreds of women this framework and to watch them evolve into more present and connected people, even when the going gets tough.

I want you to feel empowered and able to handle the tough stuff.  I want to share this framework with you so that you move toward the life you are striving for as quickly as possible.

In this program, you will learn everything you need to get more present and intentional in your life.  But, since we are human, life is a journey, and new skills take practice.

The good news? You have lifetime access.

I’ve condensed and streamlined this process into the most effective, efficient path to getting results. 

If you choose to go on this journey with me, I promise you it will be worth every penny and more.  This program can transform your life if you are willing to keep showing up.  

And, as a special bonus, every single person you love will reap the benefits, too. The old saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" seems to be true in my house.  How about yours?

Hugest hugs and so many wishes to see you inside,

Dr. Sumer Ledet


What These Participants Had to Say...

Enroll during this promotion & save $1670 off regular pricing!

A One-Time Payment

$2697 ($267 savings) OR 12 monthly payments of $247

*12 months program support! *lifetime access to 32 video lessons, 9 mp3 audio exercises, and workbook *24 live group coaching sessions *private members-only FB group *peer meetings *milestone rewards *personalized monthly video workbook feedback 


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This program does not constitute a doctor patient relationship.  This program is education only and is not to be construed as mental health diagnosis or treatment.  Individuals should discuss the program with their healthcare provider before implementing any specific principles.  

Results are dependent on individual factors and time spent implementing what you learn. Testimonials do not represent typical results, nor do they guarantee any particular result. This program teaches you evidence-based strategies. It is up to you to practice and implement. Individual results vary.